As I said to you, I'll start to post in English my story so you can read it without a translator.

Warning: my English is not so good, but I'll try to make you understand.

Here is a summary of what I said so long: My name is Enzo and my job is being a Miché. I live in Rio de Janeiro, and I came here when I was 15 years old.

Until now I talked about my first sexual experience - not as a Miché- and about how I got a residence to live and a job.

After the night of sex with Raquel's friend, I woke up as a new man. I started to see the world with another eyes, so as living my life with another behavior. I ended up my High School and nothing special happened there, for my relief.

It was May and I was still living with Mrs. Tite, her daughter took me into a night club to having some fun that I never had until the day that I had sex with her friend. We met two girls and we brought them to our house.

In the house, Mrs. Tite was on a trip with her friend to buy some flowers that she liked and left me and Raquel alone in the house. She does not know the daughter she have. We opened an Absolut and mixed ir with Citrus, Raquel started to kiss the girl, and I began to kiss her friend. We were drinking and kissing. In Brazil is harder to fuck a girl in the first night but Raquel had a magic on her speech that brought the girls right to our beds.

While I was kissing the younger girl, she began to take her clothes off and kissing me down and down until she started to suck me. Raquel was in the same situation, she teached me how to suck a girl and it was much valuable in my "career". I came twice and I could feel the girl cumming at least twice too.

We both fucked each girls and take them back home. That was a beautiful night. Back at the house I proposed to have sex with her and she accepted. I love to fuck her, every time we fucked from here to the next six months, were a magic time. We really had a big time.

Back to the bakery and my great sister Karina, I told her how was my sexual life going and she told me she was a prostitute. I said that I already knew and I had no problems with it. That year she became so much close to me, I was really considering her as my sister and I could do everything to protect her. I was 16 yo now and I did not know that my future was reserving for me the same he did for her.

She began with 17, and she told me her story. It doesn't fit for me to talk it to you, maybe one day she'll come here and speak for itself. She was with some problems with the man that was touting her, a matter of prices. She wanted 50%-50% and he wanted 30%-70%.

In Rio we cannot trust everyone, and this is a lesson that I learned painstakingly. He was involved with drug traffickers, as half of Rio, and he was a potential danger for her. I could not do so much for her, but I had some friends that could. Mrs. Tite was a friend of a cop that was Raquel's date. We talked to the cop and he gave a corrective on him.

For the next two months everything went just fine, for my lifestyle.


Thanks man lol I like what you post just hard to understand XD

Your English isn't bad at all, keep at it, I'm sure the practice will help you with it!

Thanks man, I'll keep up with it.

If you aren't good with English now, a few months or so of posting in English will probably change that.

excited to read them :) + follow

Your English isn't that bad really I've seen a lot worse. Keep up the good work.

following! good luck!

strange, i can't follow...

I wouldn't worry =) your english seems fine =D

kinda hard to follow but keep working on that English! you will get the hang of it

the english looks good!

If English was good enough for Jesus Christ, it ought to be good enough for the whole world ;)

Blogging in english is good practice for your language skill too!

good luck! we'll be following, like clouds follow the winds!

Looking forward to reading your posts.

Hey, bad English is better than no English, at least I can read it then. (And your English isn't that bad, either)

keep it up, and btw your english is really good

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Meu nome é Enzo e tenho 22 anos. Sobrevivo como Michê no centro do Rio de Janeiro.