Six months have passed and now I'm not living with Mrs. Tite anymore. She began to have financial problems and I felt I was disturbing the way she was living.

So I told her that I was going to live by my own, and I would not abuse of her kindness anymore. I took my stuff and I went to a hostel. Brothers Hostel. It was a nice place to someone like me to live.

Karina could not help me, she was living with another whore and that house was their " point" of attendance. I told Karina that I needed some money and a job, I knew the life that the whores lead and I could be a miché.

One of the things that I did not knew was that the men used to call a miche more than a women do. So I had to change, as it were, my sexual option. It was a huge problem for me, because I didn't want to be fucked by another man. But... the world is how it is.

Sometimes you won't have the chance to complain, you'll just have to take it or die.

Karina took me to a house where she began this life. There was a old woman who managed the girls and the clients. She charged half of my profits, I agreed with her and that was my first day.

She didn't even ask my age, I was 17. I had the face of a young boy and when the clients came there the used to take me because of it. The first man that choose me to make a program was a skinny man and a gay friend. I had no experience with it and I did not knew what to do. 

A couple minutes before the old woman - named Cláudia - told me to began sucking his cock and do what he ask. I had nausea just thinking I should do that kind of thing to eat day by day. I could not do anything else, I needed to make some money fast otherwise I would end up living on the streets.

Back in his house, he told me to kiss him. I did not want to but I had to. The sensation of his pointed beard scratching my mouth made me sick of it. I would just enjoy it a couple of months after the experience.

He told me he wanted to fuck me in a doggy style, so he put his dick into my ass. Was not a huge dick, but it hurted me anyway. 

In the same day I had two other programs, I was charging around R$ 150,00 for each program. The second program was with a couple that enjoyed a Cuckold. They took me to their house and he took a videocamera to film us. They had around 40 years old, and she told me that they married 10 years ago. The marriage wasn't going very well and she decided to grant him one wish. The sex was good, I jizzed twice and he was just like a voyeur enjoying her woman being fucked by me.

The third program was with a large lady and some friends of her. It was me and an other guy. A closed party. I had no sex at all, it was just sucking me and the other.

Later we met, his name was Fernando and he would become a great friend of mine.

That was the first night of this lifestyle.



well it must not be easy...

Well, i need to read posts like that to realise how much i'm lucky

please tell me this is fiction...

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Yuri, é o leandro, me adiciona, ou mande seu e-mail para que eu possa adicioná-lo.


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