A couple of weeks have passed since my first experience as a miché. As the first experience of almost everything, I didn't like it.

Seems that my life took a path that I couldn't even know what to do, day after day. Although I make a considerable money, I didn't like to do it. It took months working with men until I found THE chance in the job that could change it for the better.
Karina has bought a flat in south zone of Rio and began to work for herself. She brings the client into her house and she does the program right there. I used to do 5 programs a day, making around R$ 750, but just taking half of it. There was days that I just had 3 programs, were monday and tuesday. The worst days to work on. In fridays and saturdays they used to take me to night clubs. I hadn't 18 yet, so I had to figure out how could I enter in the places.

Fernando, a big friend of mine, made me a fake ID, then I could enter in the night clbus without concern.

As Karina, I could rent a house for myself, but not in my name. So I waited until I had 18 for do the legal stuff by my own. In this time, I lived on Brothers Hostel as I said in the previous post.

When I did 18, I still had to do some programs with men. Most of them were passive and active, the men who are just actives like to fuck traps. I discovered that fucking men's ass is better than fuck a women's ass.

The men don't complain when you really want to fuck. The women feel pain and ask you to stop. Once upon a time a handsome gay boy came to me saying that he hadn't the money to make a program with me. He also said he was a virgin and just had fun with the toys of his sister. So I asked him if he had half of the money and he said yes.

We went to his apartment and he said he didn't want to fuck me, just be fucked. I agreed and we started. I could swear to you that he had the best blowjob I ever received in my life, until I met my current girlfriend.

I have 22cm of cock and, in some way, he could suck it ALL. Nobody had ever did this to me. He sucked so well that he made me cum in his mouth, he enjoyed it and took all his clothes off. He asked me to shove it all at once. His tight hairless ass were so beautiful. It seemed like a woman's ass. I enjoyed fuck him, I jizzed twice without taking off. He enjoyed too, he was completely passive.

When the time to pay me came, I said him he didn't had to pay. I would not charge because I had the fun too. In 80% of my programs, I didn't jizzed. It was only with women that I was obligated to do, you know, they love a man's milk.

I really hadn't fun with men at all. He was the first time, but I felt that wasn't the fact he being a man, but his tight little ass. I was pumping stronger and stronger and he even wanted more. I could shove it all and he did not even complain.

After this program, that was the first of that friday night, a fat man came to me. I had to suck him and let him fuck me. I started to charge more for that kind of business. I always use condoms and didn't let them fuck me without it.

That was the last day as a "bitch". I don't work on weekends, so let's talk about my first day by myself.

I have not worked on monday, and neither tuesday. It was this wednesday. I gathered the paperwork and was renting a flat, in the same place of Karina, by the way.

Every man who had my number and called me I refused. I have not refused the handsome boy of whom I talked above. We had another 3 programs together and after that he became a friend of mine, a great friend.

His father took knowledge he was gay and he was experiencing some difficulties at home. His father was a tough guy, the kind that came to me to being hard fucked. Yes, it can be weird but a lot of family guys used to search me for sex. It is called bicuriosity.

I let him live with me for a couple of week until he got his stability again.

Anyway, that was the day that I stopped being a fake gay to make money. And now the fun begins...


I am 12, what is a miché?

well, best for you! actually i'm straight, but i have a lot of gay friends, lol, i hate the haters...

Wow, that's not an easy live you have, wish you the best

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Meu nome é Enzo e tenho 22 anos. Sobrevivo como Michê no centro do Rio de Janeiro.